I haven't updated in a long time.

College makes me forget about the internet. If it looks like I'm online, it's just my computer being all lolz.

1. I got a job on campus for graphic design. I design digital signage, websites, etc.

2. I'm planning on entering the BFA program next (senior) year. Repeat: I'M PLANNING ON ENTERING THE BFA PROGRAM. It's consuming all of my thoughts. I never thought I'd be going for longer than the bare minimum with my education.

3) Oh, and I'm doing it as a transfer student. To even be considered for next year, I have to finish all of my foundations classes (I just have Survey of Art History 1) and then two levels of my emphasis (Graphic Design 1 & 2). GD2 has a pre-req so I had to convince my professor that I was competent enough to take them. It's really inspiring and motivating when my professor went into the idea with extreme doubt and, after seeing my portfolio, saying "You do have a chair in that section of GD2, you can be assured of that."

I'm currently experiencing a rush of creativity that hasn't been displayed on the internet at all. Tomorrow is a long day in the art studios, so I'll make sure to also photograph my favorite pieces.


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~Welcome to my home!~

This is my library. My toothbrush has since been properly stored, so don't judge me!
That green bottle on the right isn't drugs, it's peppermint oil for my sinus problems which tend to be off and on.
My bookshelf is made from the same cardboard boxes I used to move.

This is my workspace. Notice it's close proximity to snacks.

Gotta look fresh.

The other side...

my sleeping quarters. it's REALLY high up!

My coke addiction. I'm letting those leftovers chill for a bit.

It's so hard to remember to do this.

My view. Full-on retro architecture.

Not the best photo of me.

Stories coming soon.


I woke up late...

You don't really need to read/comment this, this is more for my own personal use.

Things I need to do today:

1) Get boxes from where I used to work (for packing up).
2) Wash everything in the laundry keeper.
3) Clean up my desk.
4) Clean up the car. (it looks soooo good now)
5) Box up books, cameras, dvds, and toys I want to bring with me to college - I have a strict "1 box only" policy.
6) Box up my dorm essentials / mmaayybbee put them in my trunk.
7) Last-minute college dorm shopping.
8) Pack up clothes I won't be wearing until my departure and put them in my trunk.
9) Try not to be too happy, sad, dissapointed, nostalgic - I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to feel. Most likely excited out of my mind.

This is what I've been up to

this is way cool. (for a minute or two - perfect for the exhibitionist)



A ~sneak preview~ of the newest incarnation of Dylan Dias' website. This is a working screenshot.
This was the funnest project ever and I definitely pushed myself. I need more web projects, people. Any takers?

I feel so lazy. I've been "reading" The Brief, Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao since spring and I still haven't finished it. It goes from fantastically amazing to "sorta-kinda-dull" with it's pacing and that's what trips me up. I feel like the last person in the world to read it. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to read next?